Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 9 (Addendum): A Sign

.: November 28 :.

We attended the Cottage Life Show at Toronto's International Centre this afternoon and had a great time. We bought some tools and got numerous ideas on expanding the premises at Twin Ponds.

Our sign
But the coolest part of the day was getting a sign saying "TWIN PONDS" which we intend to hang in the cabin above the entrance to the kitchen. And getting the sign itself was a bit of a humorous ordeal. After ordering it initially we were told to return in 15 minutes or so and it would be done. So we did, and it was. As we walked away from the little booth enjoying how great it was going to be to have this perfect little accessory to our precious sanctuary, we both stopped, simultaneously looked at each other, and asked each other aloud, "TWINS PONDS?"

Spencer immediately returned to the booth and pointed out to the craftsman the mistake and was told that the sign would be redone. Again, we were instructed to return in 15 minutes, during which time we wandered among the various exhibits. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we actually forgot about the sign until Spencer remembered and suggested that we head back there to avoid forgetting altogether. So we did. And there it was, the sign was ready for pickup. Yep, it sure looked good - if it were for someone else!

This time the sign said, 'TWIN PINES."

When Spencer pointed out the second mistake the craftsman became all flustered and with a definite tone of embarrassment excused himself and said, "I've done hundreds of these this weekend without any mistakes - until this one!"

It was fine though. In the end we explored more areas of the show (which was monstrously large) and returned to see the sign which read, "TWIN PONDS." Whew!


  1. Thanks, Julie. I think it's going above the door to the kitchen :)

  2. Ha ha! That makes me think of when Tony and I were picking up our scooter and the guy at the shop was filling out our temporary tag for the back of it. He was talking about how he had created a system for making sure he didn't screw up the date on the tags because each time he does, it costs him $5. Well wouldn't you know, despite being SO proud about his system, he still made a mistake! It was just too funny!

    Also, the sign looks great! And correct!

  3. Ha that's funny! Did you end up having to retrace your steps to get the proper documents?