Monday, January 6, 2014

Why Hello, Winter

Floor, floor, guess who has a floor! Spence and I laid the floor in our bedroom and the hallway this weekend. I wish we could say we're done, but we're one box short. Here's hoping Home Hardware still has that particular brand and colour in stock...

More importantly, Sunday marked the first time we stepped out of the cabin and did something not reno-related this winter: we went snowshoeing! We've both owned snowshoes for over a year now, but this was our first time strapping them on and hitting the trails. Mark came along on skis and together we made it almost all the way back to our property line. It felt like there was a bit of magic in the air as we carved a path through deep, untouched powder. Simply beautiful.

On the way home, the snow was coming down heavily and the roads were treacherous. We settled in for a long, slow drive home and turned up the tunes. While driving down a portion of road that often sees the worst conditions, we noticed a car that had spun out into the ditch. There was no one else around so Spence pulled over and went to see if he could help. Shortly after we'd stopped, another car came to a stop on the shoulder behind us. He too got out to see if he could help. The driver of the inoperative car was a woman who'd been driving all day having left Sault Ste. Marie that morning. She was only 10 minutes away from her destination when she lost traction and ended up in the ditch. She declined assistance since CAA were already on their way.

As Spence made his way across the street back to our car, someone else going in the other direction stopped and asked Spence if there was anything he could do to help. Only one car drove by without stopping while we were there. It's nice to see so many people take the time to lend a hand. It makes me smile.


  1. I snowshoed once, many many moons ago. Sounds magical! We used to have family cross country ski vacations too, when Eric and I were little. I'm sure I could not manage either today, but maybe some day.

  2. Nice! They're both great sports... I had so much fun. I think next time I'm going to fill a thermos with some hot chocolate and go farther.

    If/when you feel like going, I volunteer to come with!