Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Now that spring is about to, uh, spring (?), I've been feeling motivated to get moving. We've always been good about being active while at TP, but from Monday to Friday an active lifestyle is far from reality.  Despite my best efforts at jogging, roller blading, [insert activity here], I can never stick with any of it.

I think this year I'd like to change that.

Today I decided I'm going to try a new approach and pick up a Fitbit which is really just a glorified pedometer. It's cool, though, because it not only tracks the number of steps you take, but also the number of stairs you climb, the length and quality of your sleep, and even the food you eat if you decide to enter it. The real selling point for me was that you can use it socially so you can try to keep up with friends or participate in daily and weekly challenges. That's something I've never tried before but it seems like fun.

Anyone interested in joining me?

Photo credit: Dave and Lauren


  1. Um. This is really weird. Remember last week and that other bit of synchronicity? Well, today I was thinking I wanted to do the exact same thing -- count the number of steps in a day! I would love to join you, though my caveat is I sit for hours with the baby on me!

    1. Argh! I'm so ridiculously bad when it comes to using the Blogger UI. What I tried to say was:

      Of course I remember -- weird!

      And also awesome: I'd love it if you joined me! It's funny you say sitting is your caveat because it's also what got me thinking about this in the first place. I sit x hours a day working. How much do I really move? What if I made a concerted effort?

    2. P.S. 415 steps making dinner. BOOYA!