Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Water, you are a formidable foe

The thaw is on. Finally.

As wonderful as it was to welcome the warmer weather (see what I did there?), the snow still got the last laugh. As almost 6' of snow on the deck turned into water, it decided to make itself comfortable in our guest room. Guess it really is an inviting space.

Much to our chagrin, our newly laid floor spit out water from its edges when you stepped on it while a big pool of it lingered lazily in the centre of the room. There was only one thing we could do: move all the furniture out of the guest room and pull up the floor. The subfloor will be sitting bare for a few weeks until we're sure it's complete dry. Then operation reinstall floor can begin. Sigh.

On the bright side our flooring planks are plastic so they're good as new. I would have been so sad if we had to buy brand new flooring after only using this stuff for about a month.

Last weekend was a weird mix of winter and spring. You could fall through 2' of snow in one spot and be standing on bare earth a mere few feet away. Our little river was roaring with power, its water level so high that our bridge is completely submerged.

I'm hopeful I'll get to see our koi next weekend!


  1. Oh brother! That is a bummer!!! Glad to hear you can re-install the floor.

  2. Water is indeed a formidable foe. Damn water, you scary.