Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twin Ponds makeover

Our land is extremely rocky. Choose any spot to dig and you'll hit a rock, or worse, an immovable boulder.

Our hope to have a yard where we can host picnics and maybe even a badminton court were dashed when we realized just how many rocks we had to contend with. Because summer is just around the corner (right? RIGHT?? Mother Nature I'm talking to you...), last week we hired a landscaper. 

Here's what our yard looked like a week ago:

This week, we came home to this:

And not only did our amazing landscaper bury all the rocks, he also extended our driveway to nicely lead up to our deck's second staircase!

Our driveway used to end at the set of stairs on the right. Not anymore.


  1. WOWZO! WOWZO! WOWZO! Looks absolutely fabulous!!!

    1. Thank you! We were *so* happy to see it when we pulled in Saturday morning!