Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 5: Anticlimactic

This week's visit to Twin Ponds was short since the agenda was fairly simple.

No more tile
We arrived late morning having arranged another meeting with Al the contractor who was bringing a plumbing expert to discuss plumbing options. He was also bringing his son who does metalworking.

Since we arrived a little early Spencer spent some time fixing the chainsaw. We also had time to remove the worn vinyl floor tiles from the front room and unload the laminate flooring we had brought with us to store in the cabin. It will stay there until we're ready to re-floor the floor (which at this point is looking like a spring project). The new floor is something we're particularly excited about.

Health food
The sky had been overcast all morning and as the day wore on it threatened to open up at any second. Luckily it held off long enough for Al and company to show up and talk business. Al's son had some ideas for the gate we envisioned and the plumber had a few suggestions for getting running water into the cabin, even if only as a temporary measure until we knew precisely what we'd need in the long run. In addition we added some work to Al's load by asking him to replace the window in the bedroom when he does the door and front windows.

Anyway our meeting did not take very long. After they left it started to rain so we didn't do much other than feed the fish a breakfast burrito from McDonald's (we'd forgotten to bring anything else to give them).

By early afternoon Spencer was feeling increasingly sick so we headed home. It was a difficult trip due to his deteriorating health, but we finally made it and took it easy for the rest of the weekend.

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