Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 7: Big Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

.: November 13, 2010 :.

Spencer got into the office early Friday morning since he thought it was going to be a busy day. It turned out that the whole morning was a write off due to computer problems. However, none of that really mattered. The first thing Spencer had done was check his voicemail and lo and behold there was a message from the contractor who was installing the new doors and windows. The news was that except for the bedroom window everything was pretty well done.

Spencer had to contain his excitement and hold off calling Sim until he knew she would be up and getting ready for work, but the time finally came and the news made Sim's morning.

So it was that Saturday morning we headed up to Twin Ponds. On the way we stopped at Home Depot (they call it *The* Home Depot, but the use of the definite article just seems wrong) and we bought a shop-vac for future use.

We drove the whole way pondering what the renovations would be like. We'd be able to lock the cabin. We'd be able to open the door without it catching on the floor boards. We'd have light from real windows. And we'd have a real gate.

A locking door, you say?
When we pulled up to the laneway the gate was immediately visible. It completely exceeded our expectations. It was at least as high as we'd wanted and the bars were not only not made out of cheap, light metal, but they were finely welded and polished with a nice finish. Plus there was an unexpected added bonus: each of the two gates had a wheel on it to stabilize its weight and help it open. Bingo!

After admiring the gatework we entered the estate and drove along the lane and just as we turned the corner to catch our first glimpse of the cabin Spencer asked Sim, "Are you ready?"

No more broken window?! Hooray!
Ready indeed! The face of the cabin had been completely revitalized - the new metal door was centered with a shiny new window on each side. Spencer inserted the key, unlocked the door, and listened for the unmistakable sound of a new door opening as we both entered.

It was a moment akin to the one on Week 3 when we opened the cabin to find it completely empty. Inside there was more light in the front room than we'd ever seen! Overall it was an incredibly significant change for the better. It is noteworthy that our contractor impressed us so much by his attitude and by making good on his promise (not only about the work itself, but the timing thereof) that we intend to reward him with immediate payment and more work in the spring!

While comparing the inside of the cabin to how it used to be Sim noticed that the wood stove appeared to have been moved. Not only had it been moved, but it had been completely serviced and repaired. This was another very pleasant surprise because although we had commissioned the work in September, we hadn't heard anything from the chimney contractor for several weeks. The stove is now presumably ready for action and we can hardly wait for the moment that we load it with wood and fire it up! How sweet that will be.

A beautiful stove
We subsequently spent the next couple of hours discussing possibilities for future improvements while wandering around the grounds with the dogs.

This week's trip wasn't really meant to be anything other than a look-see, so after a while of simply enjoying the environment we headed back to Toronto with enthusiasm and optimism about the future of Twin Ponds.

Addendum: On Sunday Spencer went to Twin Ponds alone for the sole purpose of transporting the remaining bundles of laminate flooring, a shelf, and a steel brush broom.

He admired how great the place is coming along and then went home, stopping only to pick up a couple bacon cheeseburgers at McDonald's (which was a bit of a mistake, since he washed them down with Red Bull).

In any event he got home just in time for the Jets-Browns game. Browns lost. Yes!!

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