Saturday, November 30, 2013


Yesterday when we arrived at Twin Ponds everything was frozen. The things in the fridge were frozen, the cans we had in the pantry were frozen, the coffee maker was frozen, the antifreeze in the toilet was frozen. The toilet, of course, was our fault; we didn't understand the proper procedure for winterizing plumbing, but we've since been shown the way. Okay, everything is our fault. We should have winterized the cottage after Thanksgiving and didn't. We had this coming.

We spent the day today creating a makeshift kitchen in our to-be laundry room so we can comfortably stay here over winter. We used an old cabinet Mike gave use when he moved to England as our centrepiece and everything flowed from there. Thanks Mike!

We had to take the doors off the fridge to move it and once we did we cleared the doorframe by an inch on either side. Phew!

I love insulation. That is all.

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