Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making Music

I have very little musical talent, but I love playing instruments.

Last week a new musical member joined our family: a fiddle! She's in good company, joining a couple acoustic guitars, a ukulele, and a mountain dulcimer. There are, of course, some electric guitars and a bass in the family too, but those don't work that well around a campfire so they never make the trek to Twin Ponds.

The fiddle is this year's endeavour. Last year's -- a djembe -- met its unfortunate fate of leaving the same way it joined: sold on Craigslist. Rhythm isn't my thing.

I'm hoping the fiddle is different. I played violin for three years in elementary school and was very happy to see that muscle memory applies. That's not to say it doesn't sound like a cat dying in here once a while, but it's getting better every day. On the downside, it turns out playing fiddle tunes is different enough from classical pieces that I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to learn the fiddle part of Old Crow Medicine Show's song, Wagon Wheel and am progressing at a snail's pace. It sounds so easy, but at this rate I should be able to play the first 20 seconds just in time for the first campfire of 2014...

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