Wednesday, December 18, 2013

House Planning

We want to build a full time home at Twin Ponds. There's so many questions surrounding the decision like: When should we build? How do we pay for it? How do we make money once we live there? Do we continue to work in the city and commute? Can we arrange to be in the city only a few days per week?

Then, of course, we have all the questions surrounding the house itself. What style? What size? Where? Should we do some of the work ourselves, and if so, what part?

Because there's no way to answer all those questions right now we're focusing on just a few. So far we've decided which builder to go with and last Monday we met with one of their project managers and architects to discuss our preferences. The next step is for them to take what we said and give us a quote to build the bare bone structure. Assuming that part is okay, their architect will take what we told her and translate it into a full plan which we can later take to the township for approval. Before she can do that though, we need to give her a topographical map of the spot we want to build.

That's a big decision.

Last weekend we put on our snow gear and headed out to explore. We took a few photos of the location that's the frontrunner right now. We want to build on the edge of a hill so we can have a walk-out basement while maximizing our distance from our western property line.

The view looking up from the bottom of the hill.

The top of the hill. Luckily it's already pretty flat.

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