Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birth of an Adventure

It started with the seed of an idea and grew into a big reality. One hundred (that's right - 100!) acres of reality. To put it into perspective that is equal to 100 football fields. Just thinking about that now is a bit mind boggling. What the hell are we going to do with that much land?

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to the real beginning.

Last spring Sim was serving as a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. One of the pre-nuptial celebratory events was a weekend bachelorette held in a rural setting, which corresponded to the "cowboy/cowgirl" theme the other bridesmaids had thought up. Sim was so impressed by the peaceful environment that when the weekend was over she decided to delve into the properties in the area that were available.

Sim found a number of promising prospects, but only one really stood out as a great looking place with great value for the money. Plus it had twin ponds and a river. So she showed it to Spencer and it was an immediate hit.

By the following weekend we had already arranged for a broker, Ed, to show us the place. He was very nice and in fact agreed to take time out of his Father's Day to do so. So we got up early that morning and drove north to see what this place was really like.

We had arranged to meet Ed at a place called the Varney Inn. We arrived a little early so we hung out and let Jasmine run around while we waited for Ed to show up. Once he did, we were on our way. In just a few minutes we turned off the main highway onto a gravelly and bumpy local road in keen anticipation of seeing what could possibly be our first cottage property.

Upon our arrival we drove slowly down a long, tree-covered lane which brought us into the heart of the property. We stopped and just to our right in a small clearing in the impressive forest stood the A-frame cabin, beckoning us to come, take a look, and fall in love.

And fall in love we did.


  1. Woooo, Twin Ponds. I'm excited to see the transformations to come. <3

  2. I am with Julie - very excited how you guys make your mark and transform the cabin!