Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 1: Intimidation

You know how sometimes when you have a big project at work you look at it and feel like you don't know where to start?

We went to Twin Ponds the day after closing, prior to which we'd come to an agreement with the former owner that he would make sure all his stuff was removed (with a few specific exceptions). This was no small issue for us - when we saw the place on day 1 it looked like the owner was a bit of a collector. There were all kinds of things in each and every corner of not only the cabin, but the yard, the metal shed, and the wood shed. The stuff was mostly ancient and dustbound, although it could be said that it was transgenerational (read: originating from various times between the Korean war era and today). Perhaps what was so imposing was the quantity. Very overwhelming.

So it was with a slight amount of trepidation that we opened the front door of the cabin that first day after closing, not knowing whether the place would truly be ours or whether there would be lingering traces of previous occupation and ownership. And there it was. Almost exactly the same as it had been when we first saw it.

The thing is that while we harbored no ill-will for this regrettable turn of events (after all, the seller was very patient with us and even agreed to close with a week's notice once we finally secured funding), we did not feel like Twin Ponds truly was ours. Instead there was some unspecific discomfiture. Part of it was doubtlessly related to the fact that while the other guy's stuff was still there we couldn't make any progress. We were in neutral with no stickshift.
It wasn't a complete wash though. We had a couple of minor but remarkable experiences that first day.

First, on our way to the cabin we stopped at Canadian Tire for some supplies, the most important of which were the rubber boots, the hatchet, and the axe.

Second, to quell our curiosity about the property we went exploring. It was a great little outing: in our rubber boots we started out by following what seemed more or less to be a path and on our return kinda got lost. There were a few moments there where it was touch and go, but we had a general idea about our geography and, being two relatively intelligent people (ha!), we figured it out before dark set in. Jasmine wasn't lost at any point - she just put up with us and rolled her eyes. Spencer had fun with his hatchet, even though he tried cutting a branch off a tree lying on the ground and the blade of the hatchet struck a rock instead.

Having crossed the bridge over the river we headed back to the cabin. To our delight Sim noticed fish in Pond Superior. And they looked like koi! Both ponds have them and in good numbers. What a bonus.

Thus, our first visit to our cabin was a little short-lived. Having nothing more to really do, we went back to Toronto.

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  1. Thumbs up. You know I can't wait to see where you guys take this.