Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 3, Day 2: Sunrise

Morning fog
We woke up fairly early on Sunday morning. The air was cold. We had both slept somewhat fitfully; the ground was harder than our sleeping bags were soft and neither of us was used to the spartan padding. Spencer hadn't really suffered from the crisp temperature, but Sim's feet and toes were cold which made sleeping for her difficult.

Spencer arose before Sim and went to the ponds to prepare the morning fire. Sim joined him shortly thereafter and they enjoyed the warmth of the fledgling fire while watching the mist over the water under the morning sky, whose sun hadn't risen over the ridge to the west of Pond Superior yet. A little while later Luke joined them after having a less than comforting sleep himself. Although he typically has an unusually high metabolism and body heat, the cold dampness of the night seized on him unexpectedly. Perhaps he should have slept with more than just a single sheet...

We all enjoyed the morning and after a while went back to Tim Horton's for breakfast.

Our very own Dr. Doolittle
Returning to the estate we had no specific agenda. Instead we attended to one thing or another as our mood saw fit, including more sanding and staining and general cleaning around the cabin. Luke and Spencer spent more time in the river under the warm sky playing with the fish and other marine life.

Over the course of the day, and in fact the whole weekend, Luke had been busy channeling Dr. Doolittle. That is to say that he was at one with the animal kingdom. In short, he had befriended four fishes, two crayfish, one baby monarch butterfly, a little frog, and a snake. Quite impressive actually!

By late afternoon we were all pretty much done so we decided to pack it up once again and head out. It should be noted here that on our way home we stopped at A&W to enjoy their epicurean delights. One of many stops there to be sure - it's quickly becoming a family favourite.

Another satisfying stay under our belts. Twin Ponds was slowly changing a posse ad esse.

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