Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 11: A Brief Hello

Tough walkin'
.: March 12, 2011 :.

Our next visit to Twin Ponds took place in mid-March. Having learned our lesson about trying to drive to the gate, upon our arrival we parked on the snow-covered concession road. The sky was overcast, but luckily it wasn't snowing. There was, after all, enough snow on the ground already. It was quiet and undisturbed.

Spencer was the first to head towards the gate from the road. He still had the rubber boots from the last tribulation here. As he took his first step in the snow his leg sunk so deep that he was thigh-deep in snow. It wasn't exactly what we had expected, but undaunted he waded through making a pathway for Sim and the pups. In contrast to Jazzle, who bounced gleefully and intrepidly over the difficult terrain, Bubs lagged and whined the whole way. Poor guy - the snow was just so difficult for him to overcome.

Once again we trudged the entire length of the path to the cabin. Spencer noticed traces of deer and rabbits and other animals along the way. After a while, and Sim constantly having to coax Bubs to keep up (or even move at times), we made it to the chalet. The snow was still incredibly deep - so deep in fact that standing on the heap of it on the deck Spencer was at least as high as the "Another World" sign gracing the entrance to the cabin.

Spencer was the only one who made it into the cabin. He checked things out and was satisfied that everything was as it should be.

Our actual stay this week lasted only minutes given the cold air, but it was good to be there (as always) and to see that the gate was doing its job in deterring vandals. We slowly made our way back to the car and departed as uneventfully as we had arrived.

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