Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 15: Moving up

.:May 14/15, 2011:.

So comfy...
The weather this weekend was not that great, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that almost all of our activities during this week's visit, such as they were, were spent inside.

A bit of backstory to one of our improvements: last fall we installed new cabinets and appliances in our kitchen (our real one). The trusty old microwave was supplanted by a new overhead one and was taking up valuable space. We had been meaning to do something with it for some time. Thus it came to pass that Spencer loaded it in the car for the ride to its final resting place - the kitchen in the cabin.

Before actually doing anything with it Spencer needed to clean the area. It was pretty gross - so much so that Sim refused to even enter the kitchen unless it was a quick dash in to grab a beer from our (new and clean!) fridge. There were cobwebs in the studs, mouse droppings, insects, and other unpleasantness. As luck would have it, however, there was very little there that a shopvac couldn't deal with, so after dedicating some time and elbow grease to it, the kitchen was habitable (at least for Spencer). There was just enough space on the meagre counter to put the microwave and viola (yes, viola, as Spencer says), we had a cooking solution.

Among other things we accomplished this weekend were getting sheets for the futon from the a big box store and hooking up the DVD player (which we will likely never use, but we needed to get it out of the condo).

... and convenient
Sim's major contribution was putting said sheets on the futon. Ha!

It rained practically the whole time so we watched a fair amount of Fringe. And regrettably the weather was so poor we decided to leave first thing Sunday morning.

As an bit of a postscript, some of you dear readers may remember the film Snatch with Brad Pitt and Dennis Farina, among other notables. At the end of the movie Dennis Farina's character is returning to New York after being in the U.K. The customs officer asks him whether he has anything to declare, to which he responds, "Yeah, don't go to England!"

Well we have our own little declaration of sorts: don't go to the Tim Horton's on First Street in Orangeville. It was freezing outside and they were running their air conditioning! It made our breakfast pitstop truly pitiful (not to mention uncomfortable).

But we got home without any other incident and Aims was happy to see us.

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