Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 14: High Spirits

.: May 7-8, 2011 :.

This week's visit to the cabin was fairly low key with few highlights.
Pups with a purpose 

After having already briefly met our neighbour we decided to formally get to know him and his wife, so we dropped by their place and rang their doorbell. We were warmly welcomed in to their home and we spent the afternoon getting to know each other. After chatting for a little which we were given a tour through what we basically characterize as a mansion. It is a beautiful and spacious two-storey house which the neighbors designed themselves and had custom built. It sits on a 50-acre plot of land with a wonderfully manicured yard (including a huge pond that puts Pond Superior to shame).

It became clear that D & B (we won't use their names here) take great pride in their accomplishment and rightfully so. We learned that they "settled" what was nothing but rough, forested land approximately 36 years ago. Like us they had no running water. They didn't even have shelter, so while improving the property in the early years they camped. At least we have a cabin to keep the elements away!

When we arrived D & B were actually watching the pre-race festivities surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Neither of us have ever had much interest in horse racing, but we have to admit that they made it entertaining. So much so that we followed the next two events in the Triple Crown series and even watched the movie Secretariat in the weeks following that visit.

Calm before the storm
After a while our discussion turned to a little of the history of the area and the community. We even learned that there are Mennonites down the road that will clear our driveway/lane for us when the snow gets bad.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. As it became dark we said goodnight and headed with Jazzle and Bubs back to the chalet. We look forward to socializing more with D & B over the years to come.

The next morning Sim spent some quiet time out by the ponds. She was fortunate enough to see a variety of wildlife, including a beaver, a fox, a hawk, a cormorant, and a flock of geese.

Spencer was of course cutting wood with his chainsaw. He also paid some attention to an area just before the ponds where water has been "leaking" from a swampy area on the north side to the dry area on the south side. Over time a miniature stream was developing and we wanted to prevent soil erosion, so Spencer laid a piece of weeping tile from one side of the path to the other to facilitate the drainage of water from the swamp (created by beavers). We'll see how that turns out.

And then before you could shake a stick (you have an abundant selection to choose from), it was time to go, so we packed up the pups and hit the road.

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