Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 16: Bye-bye Bushes

Before we completely fell off the blogging wagon (that's a thing, right?) we'd actually created a number of draft posts with photos and point form notes. Instead of letting all that stuff go to waste I've decided to post them before writing about more recent events.

Without further ado, here's week 16.

.: May 21, 2011 - The May Long Weekend :.

This weekend's visit was a bit of a hallmark for a couple of reasons: it was our first two-night stay and we finally finished installing the floor in the main room!

We had dinner with our wonderful neighbours and despite considering leaving early due to heavy rain we decided to tough it out. We were rewarded with a gorgeous Sunday so Spence took the opportunity to have his first swim of the year. It would be the first of many. At this point I was still refusing to swim in the pond because I thought it was murky and, well, kind of gross. It's kind of funny thinking back to this time because swimming in Pond Superior has since become my favourite activity.

We also took some time to do two other things during this weekend that would become staples in our Twin Ponds routine over the next two years: clearing some bush having a bon fire.

Hi! Do you love me?

Bush massacre

Morning web

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