Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 26 - Of Birthdays, Friends, and Rain

.: Aug 19-21 2011 :.

This week marked the first time we started doing something that would become our weekly ritual: we drove our neighbours' son up. Since he lives in the city not far from us but does not own a car, he's been making the trip north via public transportation each week. Unfortunately, due to route cutbacks the nearest bus stop is still a 30 minute drive from his parents' place. That means his father had to make an hour+ round trip to pick him up and drop him off each week.  This was not ideal for obvious reasons and it wasn't long before we realized we could easily coordinate our schedule and save them both the trouble.

This week's adventures brought old friends, new friends and lots of games with a side of work. First, our friends Pete and Sarah made their first of many trips up. Pete is quite the chef and prepared fantastic meals throughout the weekend (this, too, has since become a bit of a ritual). The weather decided to be a bit difficult and although we faced on and off showers all weekend I can safely say we all had a great time.

For a few hours on Saturday night we said farewell to Pete and Sarah and joined our neighbours for a birthday party. They'd kindly extended the invite the previous week and it was an excellent opportunity for us to meet their family. From the moment we walked in the door and greeted everyone we felt at home. The warm, festive atmosphere was contagious and before long we were all talking and laughing like old friends.

The evening brought us back to Twin Ponds. We walked into the cabin to find Pete and Sarah enjoying the coziness of the cabin to keep out of the insistent rain. The dull skies didn't dampen our moods, however, and we enjoyed an evening of Gin Rummy. The rain tapered off late in the evening and we took full advantage of the opportunity by building a fire and roasting some marshmallows

On Sunday we opted to take Pete and Sarah to the diner for a great breakfast. With the rain holding off for the majority of the day, we fed the fish, did some barbecuing, and played more games. At one point in the afternoon we walked out our driveway to find that the backhoe had been delivered for the driveway work that was scheduled to begin on Monday. It was time for our dirt driveway to become or gravel driveway.

Land ahoey

Rain can't stop us


Beautiful night's sky
Yoshi pays us a visit

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