Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 22: Slithery roommate

One thing we decided early on was that indoor plumbing would be a high priority. Although we've both grown quite accustomed to our rather primitive current set-up, it's definitely not something we want to continue with indefinitely.

Luckily, our land sits on a gravel bed which makes installing a septic system rather simple, at least as far as septic systems go. After meeting with the local authority and taking the various distance minimums from the well into account, we selected the location for our new holding tank and weeping tile. That was the easy part. Now it was time to clear the area. I have to hand it to Spence. I don't think I've ever met anyone who works harder or enjoys it more.

This weekend also marked a rather unpleasant episode in the form of an unwelcome visitor. I was in that groggy phase of waking up Sunday morning when Spence indicated that he had spotted a slithery roommate. While I'm not repulsed by snakes, I certainly don't fancy sharing my living quarters with them. Luckily Spence was able to quickly snatch it and politely usher it outside. He must have gotten the message, I think, because he hasn't returned in the more than two years that have passed since. Of course, now that I've said that...

The research into pool rafts that we began a few weeks earlier materialized into a new foam mat this week. It works beautifully not only in the pond but as luck would have it, also doubles nicely as a camping sleeping mat. Future visitors need worry not about trying to rest on rocky ground!

Beautiful drive

Clearing for the septic bed

A little R&R 

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