Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 21: Barbecued Steak!

.: July 9-10, 2011 :.

When we took possession of Twin Ponds we noticed there was an old windsurfing board (sans sail) floating around the pond. Instead of removing it, we turned it into a game: what side of the pond will the board be today? Despite sporting a rather big gouge on its underside, that old, tired, surf board has become a faithful companion to us. Paired with an wooden oar we bought on sale, it can be a lot of fun. During one of our conversations with the previous owner, he informed us that he used to work at a recycling facility many years ago. One day, this surf board appeared and he immediately declared it too good to go to waste. He quickly strapped it to his car and brought it to its new home.

After another long day of work in Spence's case and kicking back in mine (okay, maybe I helped a little), we decided to call it a night. Unfortunately for Spence, the cabin had other ideas. Just as he was laying down on the outstretched futon declaring, "I'm soooooooooo tired," he placed his weight incorrectly causing the futon to overturn, effectively rolling him out onto the floor with a loud thud. Poor guy.

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP)... minus the paddle

Staining machine

Of Crocs and socks

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