Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 19: Good Times, Good Friends

(Despite the author being listed as Spence, it's actually Sim)

Our first Canada Day Long Weekend at Twin Ponds was marked by a big first: I finally conquered my fears and went swimming for the first time! The water was pleasantly warm and calm, its mirror-like surface distorted only by ripples created by lazy our movements. The gold fish inhabitants welcomed us by swimming nearby hoping for a snack of bread.

On the drive up, we made an uneducated decision when we purchased some blow-up pool furniture on a whim. This proved to be a mistake as the raft failed to stay inflated even for one day! We promptly returned it for a full refund and learning from our mistake, began researching some better alternatives.

With our barbecue assembled and fully operational, we were now equipped for guests. Our friends Ange and Matt were quick to accept the invitation and committed to taking the time to bike over to us from a town about 100km away with full camping gear in tow. Once they arrived, we came to the realization that we had yet to discover an ideal camp site -- all the spots we explored were either sloped uncomfortably or were quite rocky necessitating some sort of foam pad which we did not have available. After some deliberation, it was decided that they would spend the night on the small, greying bridge that crosses our river. The following day, in the amber light of the early morning, Ange reported that while it's not ideal, the bridge was actually a pretty good spot. The water provided a soothing drone to fall asleep to. Unfortunately, though, every move one makes on the bridge reverberates in the aging wood. Time to find a new spot for next time.

Although we had guests, work didn't stop around Twin Ponds. Continuing on our journey of reclaiming the overgrown and deteriorated exterior of the project, we turned to staining the beautiful Muskoka (Adirondack if you're an American reader) chairs the previous owner had included in the purchase. While I happily stained away, Spence borrowed a ladder from our neighbours and replaced the burned out bulbs of our exterior porch light. Now, venturing out in the middle of the night is a little less daunting.

A great way to cool off

Cleaning up

Ange and Matt's tent
A good time
Blossoming spirits


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